Business Professional Program

Personal Coaching for Business Professionals

Conducted by Chirag Thakkar

Most of the business professionals, often hit a roadblock in their businesses questioning one or more of the following:

1. What is the future of this business?
2. How do I diversify?
3. How do I reduce costs?
4. How do I increase my margins?
5. How do I refine my balance sheet and P&L?
6. How do I increase my customers?
7. How do I consolidate?
8. How do I expand?
9. How do I manage my team?
10. How do I market better?
11. How do I reduce the stress that I am currently going through?
12. And most importantly, Why am I doing all this?

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To get a channelized approach to businesses, we have our business consultancy sessions which happen one on one with business heads. At times it becomes extremely important to get an outsider’s objective opinion about our businesses. These outsiders come in the form of our extremely strong and dedicated team of MBA professionals from the industry who’ve done their MBAs from the most premium colleges of India and have years of experience in doing exactly this.

We have a set approach and have solid detailed meetings with the heads to first understand the entire business and then come up with suggestions after a few days. We then give you enough time to ponder on them and then we have follow up sessions to fine tune them mutually to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the suggestions.

This works best for small and medium businesses that get their consultancy jobs done at extremely competitive prices. We do this mainly for the thrill and satisfaction, as this consumes the most energy out of all our verticals.

For further details and the functioning of this, you can contact us personally.

Chief Consultant’s profile

Chirag Thakkar has done his MBA (Marketing) from Management Development Institute (MDI) after scoring 98.3 percentile in CAT and 99.37 percentile in the CET. In the past, he has worked for Ubico Networks Pvt. Ltd. in the Business Development function and has an excellent network in the industry. He has also been a freelance creative writer for magazines like TimesJLT, JAM, Reader’s Digest and has also been a guest editor for TimesJLT magazine. He is the founder and lead trainer of SmartWayz and has been in the training industry for the past 5 years and has trained several corporate houses on Leadership, Team Building, Sales, Negotiations, Relationship Management, Time Management etc. The trainees have ranged from Chartered accountants to Senior Doctors to School Principals. He has trained more than 5000 people since the inception of SmartWayz.

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