Leadership Training Program

2 Days (9am-5pm): Leadership and Productivity Workshops for Companies

Conducted by Chirag Thakkar

SmartWayz specializes in delivering experiential (activity based) leadership training workshops to various corporates.

We share very objective implementable action points with the employees. We have come up with these action items after extensive reading and research. We later engage the employees in interesting management group activities and case studies. These activities and case studies are well researched and we spend a lot of time in the analysis.

This workshop is ideal for mid and higher managements.

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The topics that we would cover in this 2 Day Program includes :

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a.Extremely objective Goal understanding
b.Concept of Time chunks
c.Objective optimism
d.S.M.A.R.T. Goal formation
e.Maintaining time logs
f.Ensuring weekly To-do lists
i.Covey’s Time Management Matrix
j.The necessity of saying NO
k.Pressure handling
l.Identification of Psychological time barriers
m.Reverse deadline planning and execution to avoid delivery delays
n.Realising your QTR
o.Pareto’s 80:20 rule
p.Parkinson’s Law
a. Creating that crucial first impression
b. Elimination of stage fear
c. Effective starts to speeches
d. Effective presentation skills
e. Concept of Body Language
f. Understanding group dynamics
g. Speaking your way to impress
h. Workplace Etiquettes
i. Strategies to Debate
j. Creating your own specific brand at the workplace
k. Confidence building
l. Understanding of the fact that a great command over English is not necessary for effective communication
All of the above achieved through effective activities
a. How to formally convey your message
b. When to write emails
c. More than what to write, what not to write in emails
d. How to stay away from controversie
e. Formal email Etiquettes that many are not used to
f. How to write emails from the client’s perspective
g. How to write emails to get quicker approvals
h. Business card exchanges
i. Chivalry and Formal Handshakes
a. Writing Emails from the customers’ perspective
b. Conducting effective review meets
c. Ensuring team participation in decision making
d. Vision Sharing
e. Spending time with the customer
f. Complaint resolution mechanism
g. Delegation mechanism
h. Industry best practices
i. Calculated Risks with backup plans
j. Goal Focus
k. Leadership with humility
l. Activities to understand the above facts in detail
a. Understanding that being happy is a choice
b. Developing a Plan
c. How to keep yourself motivated everyday
d. How to ignore the negativities
e. Having something fun to look forward to in life and daily activities
f. Focus on Physical and mental health
g. Elimination of Self pity
h. Overcoming Anxiety
i. Being thankful to things we are already blessed with
j. Correlation of Money and happiness
k. Saying NO
l. Activities to understand the above facts in detail
a. B2B and B2C strategic selling differences
b. Convincing strategies
c. Generating win-win situations for future business and referrals
d. Focus on collections
e. Identifying the customer and writing first meet emails
f. Understanding the pricing strategies
g. The power of research
h. The importance of knowing the product/service well
i. Knowing when to offer discounts
j. Creating a convincing brand image
k. Being better than competitionO
l. Knowing the weaknesses
m. Maintaining integrity without compromising on profits
n. Principals of Scarcity and Reciprocity
o. Elimination of the fear of rejection
p. Creation of a sales funnel
q. Considering the entire business while negotiation
r. Creating effective sales presentations
s. Making that first call to get the meeting
t. Giving the customer Optimum choices for effective conversion
u. Effective team management
v. Effective MIS handling
w. Activities to ensure effectiveness
a. A string of best of the corporate team building activities followed by detailed analysis and learning sheets b. We have already successfully conducted these activities in certain organisations
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Trainer Profile

Chief Consultant’s profile

Chirag Thakkar has done his MBA (Marketing) from Management Development Institute (MDI) after scoring 98.3 percentile in CAT and 99.37 percentile in the CET. In the past, he has worked for Ubico Networks Pvt. Ltd. in the Business Development function and has an excellent network in the industry. He has also been a freelance creative writer for magazines like TimesJLT, JAM, Reader’s Digest and has also been a guest editor for TimesJLT magazine. He is the founder and lead trainer of SmartWayz and has been in the training industry for the past 5 years and has trained several corporate houses on Leadership, Team Building, Sales, Negotiations, Relationship Management, Time Management etc. The trainees have ranged from Chartered accountants to Senior Doctors to School Principals. He has trained more than 5000 people since the inception of SmartWayz.