FAQs FOR Campus Recruitment Training

Q. Why SmartWayz for the Training?

We are unconventional trainers and our content is highly superior. The whole world tells the students to prepare for Placement Interviews and Aptitude Tests in advance but we know that only 2-3% of the students actually do it. For the others who hardly have any knowledge, organized and structured last-minute-learning is the only option. Our workshop ensures the highest level of output in the least possible time in child-like language which can be easily assimilated by anyone. Our group training explains the students, the highly street smart techniques and inculcates the thought process required to impress the recruiter to get that most sought after offer letter. The apt technique of directing the assessments to the stronger points of the students is what we have on offer.

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Q. Why do I need this training?

You get an interview call from a premium company only once in a lifetime. When that happens, you are called the very next day for an interview. One mistake committed or a slightly wrong direction given to the interview can jeopardize your chances. You should be prepared for the biggest opportunity of your life. And most of the people surely get this opportunity and we just teach you to make the most of it.

Q. How good are the trainers?

Our trainers are from the best institutes and with good industry experience. The quality of our trainers is superior and they are also the ones who have designed the entire training program and modules. They know exactly what the requirements are, and tweak the program to fit the exact needs of the trainees.

Q. Do students get personalized attention in training?

Yes, surely. In fact, in group training also, we ensure that all the queries of the students are addressed at length then and there. It will be an open forum and without even bothering about time constraints we ensure that every student gets proper attention until he/she is completely satisfied.

Q. But my query is still not answered in this FAQs section?

Visit our page http://smartwayz.in/campusrecruitment.html to know more about the course.
Kindly click on the “Contact us” tab of the website and feel free to contact us and set up a meeting with us or get your queries resolved over a phone call. We would be more than happy in solving all your queries.