Q. What is Young Leaders Training Program?

This is a unique Leadership development course, where we are going to have the modus operandi of Management games that we use while training employees of various companies to ensure that leadership traits emerge in school students. This program is specially designed for 7th, 8th and 9th standard school students

Q. Why SmartWayz?

The training is conducted by Mr. Chirag Thakkar and a team of highly qualified trainers. Chirag completed his MBA from Management development Institute, Gurgaon with 98.38 percentile in CAT and 99.37 percentile in CET. He trains the mid and higher management of various companies on Leadership and Time Management. He has trained more than 10000 students in Engineering and MBA colleges on Aptitude, Interviews and Group Discussions.

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Q. What is the course content?

1. Ensuring that the student automatically emerges as a leader in the group
2. Group Discussions, just the way we train MBA students(But with different, simpler topics catered to the student age group)
3. Making the student take initiatives in group activities
4. Strategy and Logic building sessions through Management puzzles
5. Ensuring confidence to communicate
6. Tasks involving convincing skills to ensure clarity of thought processes
7. Story building IMPROV sessions to increase spontaneity and humour
8. Effective presentation skills
9. Effective time management
10. Understanding group dynamics
11. Speaking one’s way to impress
12. In short, development of Leadership traits

Q.Why have a Leadership development Program for school students?

SmartWayz is now also expanding to train school students on realizing that the right time to develop Leadership traits is when the students are young and receptive. While training students to get into premier institutes like IIM Ahmedabad etc., we realized that the students are scared to speak up and the right age to train them on speaking skills is when they are in school.

Q. Will the student start speaking fluent English after this course?

This is not an English Training course, so kindly don’t enroll your child assuming that. The entire module is conducted in English assuming that the student knows the language. We are here to create future leaders.

Q.This seems to be an interesting and fresh concept for the students. How can our school tie up with your institute?

Kindly call on 9022442435 to fix up a meeting. We can discuss this in person.

Q.But my query is still not answered in this FAQs section?

Visit our page http://smartwayz.in/student.html to know more about the course.
Also for any sort of enquiry, kindly click on the “Contact us” tab of the website and feel free to contact us and set up a meeting with us or get your queries resolved over a phone call. We would be more than happy in solving all your queries.