Personal Life Counselling Program

Personal Life Coaching and Training

Conducted by Chirag Thakkar

An effective one-to-one personal coaching based model for working professionals, homemakers, business owners and retired professionals to set/achieve their personal goals.

This program will ensure that you actually now “LIVE” your life rather than just run through it without making the most of it.

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This product is a about a series of personal counselling and coaching sessions and it works as follows:
Step by Step functioning:

1. In the first sitting, we understand your current mindset and dilemma by asking a series of well researched questions trying to figure out what makes you personally satisfied and super happy
2. We figure out your personality and mental roadblocks through our proprietary tests conducted by our proprietary software
3. These tests are conducted in every sitting to give us a clear idea of your current mindset
4. We then have the analysis and elimination of roadblocks from the test results based on your personality percentage scores
5. After analysing this in a very structured form, we set your goals and daily tasks very objectively and establish a scoring pattern in our software. These are tasks that you’ve always wanted to do but have been postponing because of being stuck in your life routine
  Eg: If you always wanted to follow your passion, but never did, or wanted to lose weight, or party more, or spend time with your kids/parents, dance, cook, write a book, start your business, run a marathon etc. for a highly satisfied personal life. These tasks would be different for different people based on whatever we discover from you in the first sitting. We have just given few examples here. Your tasks will be experiential things but not very expensive like a foreign holiday. We have certain essential parameters defined in our system which will be the fundamentals while defining your tasks.
6. We would allocate specific points in our software for each of these activities and a periodic schedule would be prepared for you to ensure that you do it. This will be done in consultation with you and will be a relaxed schedule so that it does not cause a burden on you. Eg. If you said that you want to spend more time with your parents but are not able to, then taking your parents for an outing for an hour in a week would fetch you full points and there would be bonus points if you send us a pic with your parents enjoying an ice cream candy. If you said, that you want to build muscles, then you would be given marks based on your gym time. This personal target would be very different for a businessman who wants his sales to increase because here customer centric relationship exercises would fetch points. So the first consultation will decide the roadmap for the future.
7. There would be a series of activities planned for you without disturbing your daily existing schedule.
8. So we make you do what you always wanted to do and make it in a game format so that it’s double the fun.
9. All of this is tracked in our software and you need to better your scores every time.
10. We would also be tweaking your activities regularly to ensure better progress and high interest levels. This would be done through periodic counselling sessions
11. Also, as mentioned earlier, there would be specific personality tests conducted in every session through our software to ensure that no mental roadblocks hamper your progress
12. There will be a regular follow-ups from our team (Telephonic/Whatsapp) to ensure execution and scoring
13. We maintain your achievement scores through our proprietary software
14. There will be part by part execution of the goals
15. We are your Personal Coaches to a happy and fully satisfied life
16. In case you are thinking, even you can do this yourself and do not need a personal hands-on coach then
      a. Till now, you haven’t done it, so there is a possibility you might still not do it
      b. We will follow a structured process tracked by our software with tests and assessments and regular counselling, plan tweaking, thus making it very interesting for you
      c. If you want to break the circle of regular and dull life you are anyway living, and want to have a mind-blowing life filled with personal choices, we have a system that will ensure exactly that, choice is always yours


Actually living your life

You will end up living every day of your life to the max and live a very happy life. You would do what you always wanted to do and love to do.

Objective tracking of your progress

We would also regularly follow with you to check your progress by tracking your scores. We would objectively track your progress as compared to previous sessions.

Disciplined lifestyle

We would make sure you are following a structured chart and leading a disciplined and happy lifestyle without adding too much stress to yourself.

Living a happy and satisfied life

We would make you focus on the fun aspect of the life that you have completely forgotten in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Chief Consultant’s profile

Chirag Thakkar has done his MBA (Marketing) from Management Development Institute (MDI) after scoring 98.3 percentile in CAT and 99.37 percentile in the CET. In the past, he has worked for Ubico Networks Pvt. Ltd. in the Business Development function and has an excellent network in the industry. He has also been a freelance creative writer for magazines like TimesJLT, JAM, Reader’s Digest and has also been a guest editor for TimesJLT magazine. He is the founder and lead trainer of SmartWayz and has been in the training industry for the past 5 years and has trained several corporate houses on Leadership, Team Building, Sales, Negotiations, Relationship Management, Time Management etc. The trainees have ranged from Chartered accountants to Senior Doctors to School Principals. He has trained more than 5000 people since the inception of SmartWayz.