Corporate Counselling Program

Personal Coaching for Corporate Employees

Conducted by Chirag Thakkar

This product is a about a series of corporate personal counselling and coaching sessions through our proprietary software based tests to increase productivity and job satisfaction levels among corporate employees.

The structure of this program is as follows:

We have developed a proprietary software for corporate employees. We are going to feed the inputs that we get from the organizational head about various employees in our software. We use this software in tandem with these various inputs from the organizational heads and make employees take certain behavioral tests and generate objective graphs on specific behavioral patterns that they exhibit in these tests. These will be the internal mental roadblocks that even the employees are not aware of, but these roadblocks are subconsciously killing their productivity and job satisfaction levels. Once we identify these objectively, even the test taking employee cannot refuse it and thus awareness of the problem is the first step to improvement. Then we counsel each employee personally understanding the reasons and help them eliminate these problems completely and there is a clear improvement in the productivity levels.

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There would be competitions organized between various departments of the companies to ensure that the enthusiasm levels among the employees are high which will in turn lead to higher productivity and a competitive environment at work.

Step by Step functioning:
1. Before the first sitting, we understand the current roles of all the employees to be coached. We get this understanding by a series of meetings with the higher management.
2. The 2 objectives that we have here are to
      a. Increase productivity by effective priority setting based on the assigned goals
      b. Increase job satisfaction levels to again increase productivity and lower attrition
3. In the first sitting with the trainees, we understand their current mindset and dilemma by asking a series of questions trying to figure out what makes them personally and professionally satisfied and happy and we understand their current working patterns
4. We figure out their personality and mental roadblocks through our proprietary tests conducted by our proprietary software
5. These tests are conducted in every sitting to give us a clear idea of their current mindset
6. After analysing the results in a very structured and objective percentage form, we try to eliminate their mental roadblocks to increase the job satisfaction levels
7. There are also certain basic mistakes that a lot of employees commit in priority setting and effectively working on the same. We work on these parameters with every employee individually thus ensuring higher productivity with much more effective time management and reduced stress levels.
8. This works in the form of periodic counselling to figure out the progress and tweaking of plans accordingly for the next period
9. We are the Personal Coaches for the entire training period and then leave your employees on their own once they form a habit of a disciplined happy and fully satisfied professional life

Benefits to the Company

Increase in productivity of the employees

The employees will be pushed to work harder systematically which in turn would lead to increased efficiency and revenue for the company.

Lower attrition

Your most valuable assets will remain with you for a much longer time because of higher satisfaction levels.

Employee feels that he/she is an integral part in the organization

We would make sure that good performance of the employee does not go unnoticed. We would objectively explain them how their performance is affecting the company growth.

High motivation levels among employees

We would work constantly to keep the employee morale and motivation high because that will lead to better results.

Employees will be looking forward to the counselling day

The company’s brand equity would also increase amongst the potential employees as this would act as a great HR activity benefitting the employees personally and professionally.

Chief Consultant’s profile

Chirag Thakkar has done his MBA (Marketing) from Management Development Institute (MDI) after scoring 98.3 percentile in CAT and 99.37 percentile in the CET. In the past, he has worked for Ubico Networks Pvt. Ltd. in the Business Development function and has an excellent network in the industry. He has also been a freelance creative writer for magazines like TimesJLT, JAM, Reader’s Digest and has also been a guest editor for TimesJLT magazine. He is the founder and lead trainer of SmartWayz and has been in the training industry for the past 5 years and has trained several corporate houses on Leadership, Team Building, Sales, Negotiations, Relationship Management, Time Management etc. The trainees have ranged from Chartered accountants to Senior Doctors to School Principals. He has trained more than 5000 people since the inception of SmartWayz.